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Praise & Prayer Requests


August 1, 2021

Prayer Line -- 616-892-8306


(If you would like something changed or added to this sheet, please contact the church office at 616-895-6434 or at office@nbcrc.org — Thank you)


-Pray for peace, patience, and God’s protection.  Keep our Council in your prayers.


-Happy Birthday!!  We extend birthday greetings to Hank Klinger who celebrates his 80th birthday on Saturday, August 7.


-Congratulations!!  Larry & Audrey (Adema) Newenhouse were united in marriage on Friday, July 30.  May God bless their marriage.


-Bev Horinga is scheduled for back and spinal surgery on Monday, August 9.  Pray for Bev as she prepares for surgery and that all will go well.


-Pray for patience for Dakota Jones and guidance for the doctors as they work on improving his balance and reducing the swelling in his leg. 


-Don Kloosterhouse submitted to a heart procedure this past week and will need to have further testing.  Pray for peace for Don as he has more tests.     


-Pray for Jane Nyenbrink as she waits for treatments.  Pray that she will continue to gain strength and pray for peace and patience for Jane and her family. 


-Pray for patience and encouragement for Mike & Kathy Lengkeek as Mike continues to recover.  Mike was transferred to Mary Free Bed for rehabilitation.  Pray that the medication he is taking will be effective against the infection in his lungs and pray that he will gain strength and be able to come home soon.


-Pray for our shut-ins:  Bea Haveman, Shirley Rietman


-Pray for those with special needs:  Jim Arntz, Jonathan Bosch, Art Bouwkamp, Harv Driesenga, Kyle Hassevoort, Steve Haveman, Nick Kooiker, Ashlynn Lengkeek,    Bev Horinga, Bob Rietman, and Leona Zoerman.


-You are encouraged to pray for the following families, individuals, or groups this week:

     Sunday:  Arlyn & Karen Haveman                                                                     

     Monday:  Bern & Sandy Haveman                                                  

     Tuesday:  Carl & Linda Haveman                                                                  

     Wednesday:  David & Ruthann Haveman                                           

     Thursday:  Bea Haveman                                           

     Friday:  Mike and Jason Haveman, Elazar Ossewaarde 

     Saturday:  Nick & Lindsay, Grace, Lily Haveman


-This month pray for Igelsia Alas de Aguila (Allendale).  Pray that this congregation will continue to grow.   You may send words of encouragement to:  Igelsia Alas de Aguila (Allendale), 6375 Winans Street,  Allendale, MI  49401.