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Prayer Line  892-8306                                             


—Pray for Council as they are in the process of selecting new Elders and Deacons.   Please pray for leading as they consider and pray for those who will serve our congregation.  


—Pray for our shut-ins:  Helen Overweg, Glenda Rietman, Shirley Rietman, Trina Tolman

    Congregation:  Plan a visit with our shut-ins to keep in touch and to encourage one another.


—Pray for those with special needs:  Jim Arntz, Austin Boersema, Art Bouwkamp, Kyle Hassevoort,

                                                                         Ashlynn Lengkeek, Bev Horinga, Leona Zoerman,

                                                                         Patrick & Cheryl Voss — (grandparents of a Cadet)


—You are encouraged to pray for the following families, individuals, or groups this week:

         Sunday:  Rob & Kristy, Tristan, Samuel, Edith, Silas Overweg                                                                    

         Monday:  Roger & Carol Overweg

         Tuesday:  Craig & Samantha, Brinna, Kabe, Edynn Ponstein        

         Wednesday:  Randy & Lori Ponstein     

         Thursday:  Kraig & Kristi Potts    

         Friday:  Amanda, Evelynn, Hannah Prewitt

         Saturday:  Brian & Tammy, Jenna, Jordan, Lexi, Madison Prewitt


—This month pray for our missionary, Brenda VanderSchuur, who works in West Africa.  If you would like to send her some words of encouragement you may send a card or letter to the following address:  Brenda VanderSchuur, c/o Resonate Global Mission, 1700 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49508-1407.  You also may email her at 


—A note from Ben & Amy Meyer:  We plan to be in the United States on a three-month home service from May 24-August 29.  We are looking to buy, borrow, or rent a minivan or similar to be able to get around during this time.  If anyone has any leads, that would be super helpful.  Thanks, Ben Meyer

     (Ben’s email: — Cell phone #33-3380-8580 — Home/Office  (01 33) 1655-6979)

  (Resonate Global Mission:


Thank You:

We want to thank our church family for all the cards and well wishes we received last week Sunday at Jerry’s 80th birthday celebration.  We also want to thank the committee for their planning, set-up, and serving. The cakes were delicious as is always.  Above all we thank our Heavenly Father for the 80 years He has given to Jerry!

Jerry and Lil Braun


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