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—Happy Birthday!!  We extend birthday greetings to Harv Driesenga who celebrates his 82nd birthday on Wednesday, December 11.


—Harold Sall plans to submit to hip replacement surgery on Monday, December 9.  Pray for Harold as he prepares for surgery, pray for guidance for the doctors, and that all will go well.


—Pray for Nick Kooiker as he continues treatments.  Pray that the treatments are effective.  Also keep Joyce in your prayers as she cares for him. 


—Pray for Bob Rietman that the doctors will find an effective treatment plan.  Pray for guidance for Bob & Deb as they make decisions.


—Pray for our shut-ins:  Norma Miedema, Helen Overweg, Shirley Rietman

                Congregation:  Plan a visit with our shut-ins to keep in touch and to encourage one another.


—Pray for those with special needs:  Jim Arntz, Austin Boersema, Art Bouwkamp, Kyle Hassevoort, Ashlynn Lengkeek, Bev Horinga, Leona Zoerman,

        Patrick & Cheryl Voss — (grandparents of a Cadet), and Jonathan Bosch  (to send him a note, use the following address)

                                                                                  Jonathan Alan Bosch, 410075

                                                                                  Kinross Correctional Facility

                                                                                  4533 W. Industrial Drive

                                                                                  Kincheloe, MI  49788


 —You are encouraged to pray for the following families, individuals, or groups this week:

       Sunday:  Hank Klinger                    

       Monday:  Mo & Beth Klinger

       Tuesday:  Herb & Shirl Klomparens

       Wednesday:  Don & Mary Kloosterhouse

       Thursday:  Shawn & Andrea, Zoie, Rylan, Kylee Kole

       Friday:  Nick & Joyce Kooiker

       Saturday:  Wayne & Cheryl Kooistra


—This month pray for the mission, Horse Play Equestrian, which works with high-risk youth and uses horses to help youth find healing and hope in Jesus Christ.  You may send words of encouragement to Curt & Tami Klinger who work with the youth on their farm.  Their address is:  Curt & Tami Klinger,

    8966 - 76th Avenue, Hudsonville, MI  49426 or to this email:


Thank You:

Thank you for remembering me with birthday wishes and the beautiful and meaningful birthday cards.  I thank God for all His blessings.

Dorothy Bosch


Thank you for all the food that was collected last Sunday for Love INC and thank you to all those who put together Thanksgiving baskets. We are so blessed with what we have and it's wonderful to see the generosity that pours out  of this church family to help others in need. 


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