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February 28, 2021

Prayer Line -- 616-892-8306


(If you would like something changed or added to this sheet, please contact the church office at 616-895-6434 or by email at — Thank you)


-Pray for peace, patience, and God’s protection.  Keep our Council in your prayers.


-Our Christian love and sympathy is given to Nick & Joyce Kooiker in the passing of Joyce’s sister, Denise Bruggink, on February 21.  A funeral service was held on Thursday.


-Helen Wedeven fell and broke her hip.  Pray that Helen will not have pain and pray for her family as they care for her.


-Pray for Leona Zoerman that she will improve and gain strength each day. 


-Pray for Bev Horinga has she recovers from surgery.  Pray for relief from pain and patience.  Bev would like to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, and plant.  All is appreciated.


-Steve Haveman is currently in chemo treatments.  Pray that these treatments will be effective and that he will not have any complications.


-Pray for Tim Hassevoort as he recovers from knee replacement surgery.  Pray that all goes well and that he will recover completely.


-Welcome to Michael Hernandez who has joined North Blendon CRC.  We are glad you are a part of the North Blendon CRC family!


  -Pray for our shut-ins:  Bea Haveman, Shirley Rietman, Helen Wedeven


-Pray for those with special needs:  Jim Arntz, Jonathan Bosch, Art Bouwkamp, Jerry Braun, Kyle Hassevoort, Nick Kooiker, Ashlynn Lengkeek,

         Bev Horinga, Bob Rietman, Leona Zoerman, and  Austin Boersema.


-You are encouraged to pray for the following families, individuals, or groups this week:

     Sunday:  Chad & Angie, Cody, Zachary De Young                        

     Monday:  Annabelle Driesenga                                  

     Tuesday:  Dennis & Pam, Leah Driesenga                        

     Wednesday:  Harv & Nellie Driesenga      

     Thursday:  John & Sandy Driesenga    

     Friday:  Shannon & Erika, Zander, Carson Driesenga   

     Saturday:  Brandon & Yvonne Elzinga                      


-This month pray for the mission, Family LIFE Center, which shows God’s love by providing housing and support to young women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.  Check them out at  


Thank You:

Thank you for the pretty birthday cards and to those who wished me “happy birthday”.  I thank God for another year.

Bev Hassevoort


I would like to thank everyone for the birthday cards and greetings.  I appreciated every one.

Marvin Sall


Give thanks that Jenni Bouwkamp is home.  Thank you to the church family for all the meals, cards, and prayers for Jenni and our family!  God has answered our prayers!


Scott, Jenni, Tylar, and Matthew


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